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Shop. The roof sagged alarmingly, but the forge and anvil both showed signs of recent use. Torch found a file with bright metal shavings on its teeth. Maybe Glyss was sharpening a dagger here, he guessed. Or one of these, said Mattie, pulling a short battle axe from a pile of debris at the back of the shop. It was only two feet long, but had a heavy blade of black iron. The front apartamente de vanzare bucuresti of the axe had a wide, semi-circular apartamente blade while the back was a short dagger point. A narrow spear point protruded from the top of the axe, making it a deadly weapon for either chopping or thrusting. Mattie hefted it thoughtfully. I like this, she said. It's short and sturdy, like me. She kept the axe in her hand as they set out to explore the other outbuildings. Rosemary and Tom invaded the spacious manor kitchen with its cold hearths and empty larders. Tom's tinkling bells seemed out of place in the huge, empty kitchen. Rosemary stopped by a massive stack of folded trencher tables, neatly put away with their legs and cross-braces stacked beside them. She shivered and ran her finger through the dust on top of a tabletop. I don't know what Mizar expects us to find here, she exclaimed. This place has been abandoned for years. Oh, I don't know, said Tom. He wandered over to the woodpile beside the largest hearth. This firewood is fresh, almost green. Somebody cut and stacked this fairly recently. He scuffed his boot in the dead ashes of the adjacent fireplace. I'd swear that these have not been here long, either. Tom, look at this, said the girl, pointing into another giant hearth. Look at the spit. Tom came over and put apartamente de vanzare bucuresti his arm around her shoulders. It's a rusty iron spit, so what? You could roast a whole ox on it. What are those things at the end of it? She apartamente de vanzare bucuresti pointed at a knot of chains dangling from one end of the spit. Tom started to reply, then stepped into the hearth and took a closer look. Manacles, he replied. He looked at the handcuffs and then examined the hearth again. He kicked at the deep layer of ashes beneath the spit and dislodged a few blackened lumps of bone. What is that? Rosemary stepped back, pointing at a crablike object at the edge of the ashes. Tom picked it up and turned it over. It's a hand, he said, trying to conceal his surprise in front of the girl. Part of a hand, anyway. It has been here a long time, I think. Tom, she said. I want outof here! I don't blame you, he said. He tossed the claw back into the ashes and dusted off his hands. Let's look in the pantry apartamente de vanzare bucuresti and the buttery. He led her away from the fireplace, trying to forget what he had seen. Brother Timothy found his way to the family chapel, which stood behind the house by a small graveyard. The tombstones bore the family name of Morton, and ran back a hundred years and more. At the back of the plot was a single large grave with two names chiseled on one stone. The dates of birth differed by two years, but the death dates were the same. Two boys, ages eight and six, victims of the Death two decades past. There was nothing more recent. Near the double grave was a gate through the west side of the encircling wall. Timothy peeked through it to find a broad fishpond between the wall and